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SpokeFest: A poem

Posted: Tue, Aug 02 2011 at 15:07:42

Spokane Riders of Spokefest Viewers, stall holders
Mayor giving encouraging speech
City of artisans
Look at them and see all of the hope
Look at them and see all of the fun 
Look at them and see all of the energy and excitement
Feel all of the tenseness as they prepare to start 
Feel all of the resentment as those lucky few get to race ahead
Feel as the city itself rides with them 
At the stalls afterwards I look forward to as we get closer to the finish
At the park I wait for, for peace and tranquility
At the mall I hope for food and fun while shopping 
They told me that it was too hard
I laughed at them 
They told me that it was too long 
I ignored them 
They told me that it was too steep
I just looked at them 
They told me all of these things 
Did I believe them 
It is a city of excitement and exercise 
To go there, you have to prove your worth
I did
And I became part of the city

Natalie Ancker
17 May 2011

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2018 SpokeFest Routes

Three Routes for 2018

SpokeFest REI 21 Mile River Loop:
This 21-mile route covers some of Spokane's most beautiful
riding, including the Aubrey L. White Parkway, Riverside State
Park and a finish atop of the Spokane Falls.

SpokeFest Barden & Barden Spokane Falls 9 Mile Loop:
Shortcut the REI River Loop into a 9 mile ride.

SpokeFest Spokesman OUTDOORS Half Century:
A 29 mile add-on to the Classic River Loop, for a
total of 50 miles.

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