Baccarat – A Relaxing Casino Game


If you want to enjoy the James Bond-style action of a casino table game in Las Vegas without the high stakes, Baccarat may be for you. This classic casino table game has just three possible outcomes: a Player win, a Banker win or a Tie. And while the Player and Banker win payouts are equal, the Tie payoff is not.

Baccarat is easy to play, even for novices. The game has from seven to 14 seats for players, and a dealer’s area. Each hand is dealt two cards by a dealer using a dealing shoe. Picture cards and Tens are worth zero points; 2s through 9s have their face value; and aces are worth one point. The player and banker hands are played according to a set of rules that determine when a third card will be drawn, and which hand wins.

A player’s job is to place a bet on which hand will come closest to nine. While the game requires no technical skill, some players choose to study strategy and learn about the rules of baccarat. However, many players find that Baccarat is just a fun game to play with friends or other guests.

Unlike other casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat does not involve a player’s own playing decisions; instead, the Banker and Player are based on standard house rules that determine when a third card will need to be drawn and which hand wins. The game is also not as fast-paced as a slot machine, nor does it require the same concentration and focus as other casino table games like Thirty One or Blackjack.

As a result, baccarat is popular among players seeking a relaxing atmosphere in a luxurious casino setting. The game has generated numerous variations and additional ways to bet and play, including side bets and Mini Baccarat.

Baccarat became famous in the 19th Century for a range of designs which captivated Victorian collectors. Its milky, opaline glass vases and candlesticks were prized for their delicate beauty and closely resembled fine porcelain. The company made monumental lighting fixtures for exhibitions and royalty across the world. And, in 1867, Baccarat created its ‘Jusivy’ table service for the Exposition Universelle in Paris, which is now a permanent installation at the Elysee Palace in the capital of France.

Today, Baccarat is still a leading producer of lead crystal tableware and other opulent glass products. In addition to a wide variety of wine glasses, cocktail glasses and decanters, it produces vases, bowls and other decorative items, as well as furniture and accessories. Many of the firm’s pieces feature a scripted laser-etched mark which reads “Baccarat.” And, as in the 19th Century, it is this distinctive green lustre that distinguishes Baccarat from other fine glassmakers.