Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s is a chain of pizza restaurants headquartered in the United States. The company has over 33,000 locations worldwide. Its franchisees run independent stores that carry the brand’s name and products. The company has a long history of success in the fast food industry and is an expert in supply chain management. Domino’s also provides delivery services to customers who order online.

Domino was started in 1967 by entrepreneur David Monaghan. He opened the first official Domino’s location in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The store was a success, and within three years the company had expanded to a number of other cities in the Midwest. Domino’s is now the world’s largest pizza chain, and the brand is recognized all over the world.

The company’s name comes from the fact that each domino has a number on both ends. The number can be any value, but most commonly it is a one or a six. The dominoes are arranged in a line on the table, with each player taking turns placing dominoes on the table. The end of each domino must touch a matching end of another domino, and the chain grows until there are no more dominoes to place.

A player scores points by laying dominoes so that their exposed ends match each other (one’s touching two’s, or five’s touching five’s, etc.). Alternatively, the player can score by placing tiles at right angles to the existing chain and forming a particular total.

The game is a popular activity with children, and it can be played on many different surfaces. The surface must be flat and sturdy to support the dominoes, though. If the surface is slick or slippery, the dominoes may slide and become stuck. To prevent this, the tiles should be rubbed with a dry cloth before play begins.

There are many different rules for domino, but the most important is that each turn a new tile must be placed onto the table. Each domino must have either the same number on both of its ends or a number that is divisible by seven. This rule helps to prevent the formation of chains that would be too large for the table or difficult to manage on the playing surface.

Each turn, a player must attempt to make a chain that connects all of his or her dominoes together in a line. If a player cannot do this, the dominoes are said to be “out” and play passes to the next player. Occasionally, a player may have to “chip out” by playing all of his or her remaining dominoes.

The power of the domino effect is a powerful metaphor for life. When you focus on making positive changes, it’s important to remember that the key is to keep the chain going. As each new habit takes hold, it can affect your whole life in a positive way. The trick is to stick with the new behavior until it becomes a part of your regular routine.