A Review of the Elkington Park Baths in Sydney’s north-west

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The new pool complex will include a large indoor pool, a children’s splash pad, a fitness studio and an outdoor pool. It will be able to accommodate 500 people at any one time. It will also feature a cafe and an outdoor BBQ area. The council hopes that the new pool will be a popular attraction and will attract tourists to the city. The project is set to cost around $40 million.

Earlier this month, a woman named Kristy emailed the council asking whether it could tell her more about its plans for the iconic Elkington Park Baths in Sydney’s north-west. The Council has now replied. The redevelopment was originally scheduled to be completed by December 2022, but delays have caused this deadline to be put back until late-2024 or early-2025. The Council is now working on strategies to expedite the process and ensure that practical completion occurs sooner than the original estimate.

A review of the project by an independent consultant found that “council has limited experience in delivering infrastructure projects of this scale and complexity” and that a number of poor decisions made at the start of the redevelopment have resulted in costly errors. These included removing external project managers, proceeding with separate design and construct contracts and failing to have a contingency that considered the risks associated with the redevelopment.

In addition to the delays, the review also cited problems with the design of the new pool. Apparently, the designers were not familiar with local conditions and had underestimated how much space the pool would need. This was a major factor in the delays, as well as cost increases.

The Council has accepted the findings of the report and is committed to adopting all 33 recommendations. This includes engaging a quantity surveyor to assess any cost and delay claims. It will also employ a pool manager to help shape the business case for the project.

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