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The NJSMART system allows districts to verify educator mSGPs with a simple, three-step process. The district must first share mSGP data with the educator, then complete their evaluation, and lastly submit an official report to their local education agency (LEA). Once the LEA receives the report, the educator will be able to see their mSGP score on their teacher profile. This will give educators visibility into the value placed on their mSGP and the opportunity to address any areas where they can improve.

The mSGP is a new way to evaluate teachers in the state of New Jersey. It’s a new, innovative approach to measuring educator effectiveness and student achievement, and it’s based on four critical dimensions: teacher practice, leader practice, professional growth, and student achievement. The mSGP is part of a broader suite of tools that includes the Performance Review, the Professional Development Plan, and the Student Learning Objectives. It was designed to replace the current system, which was cumbersome and outdated. The mSGP is much more user-friendly and will be a valuable tool for educators.

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