Hongkong Pools – Things You Should Know

Hongkong’s pools aren’t just a great way to cool off, they also offer scenic views of the city. Some are even located on the top of iconic buildings and have comfortable daybeds where you can unwind while sipping a drink. But beneath the serene mornings and picturesque vistas, a series of water contamination incidents has raised concerns over Hong Kong’s pool system.

Swimming is a great activity for all ages and can help you stay fit and healthy. Moreover, it is also known to reduce stress and boost your energy levels. So, why not go for a swim this summer? But, before you head to a hongkong pools, here are some things that you should know.

The hongkong pool system is currently struggling due to a shortage of lifeguards. About 20 public swimming pools may only partially open this summer and around 500 licensed private pools will not be operating as scheduled, according to the Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union (HKRSPGU). The HKRSPGU said it has contacted all swimming training institutions and informed them that some of their pool facilities might not be opened for the summer because of the shortage of lifeguards.

However, the union is hopeful that some of the affected pool facilities will be able to resume operations later this month. It is also urging the government to allow schools and training centres to use the pools even without a lifeguard, provided that they could ensure that a qualified person would be present on site to monitor the swimming activities of their students.

Despite the shortage of lifeguards, many people still flock to Hong Kong’s iconic pools. The Victoria Peak Pool, for example, offers breathtaking vantage points and fun water installations like mushroom- and tree-shaped fountains as well as some of the world’s fastest waterslides. The Ma On Shan Swimming Complex is another popular spot, featuring a spacious main pool and spectator stands that can accommodate 1,200 people along with four waterslides.

Aside from providing stunning views of the city, these swimming hotspots have become a cultural landmark in themselves. As such, they have gathered a loyal following among locals and visitors alike, with some even becoming Instagrammable spots. Aside from swimming, some of the pools have other facilities for guests to enjoy, such as a Jacuzzi, a sauna and steam baths. Some even have food and beverage outlets where you can get a bite to eat while enjoying the refreshing water.